Interim CFO Services

Thornhill can facilitate the placement of a qualified CFO experienced in working with companies in any jurisdiction to assist wiht the intricacies of going public in any market.

The CFO would be familiar with all aspects of taking a company public, would act as the face of the company with investors and regulatory agencies, and be able to write necessary documentation required to take a company public. In our experience, having a qualified U.S. CFO is a necessity when taking a foreign company public, and should be a condition of financing. Our CFOs have been, and are currently, the CFOs of foreign companies.

We will work with the company on a short- or long-term basis, including transitioning and training of a permanent CFO upon completion of the public transaction.

Interim CEO Services

Thornhill can provide interim CEO services for companies that require a CEO to run the company during a financial restructuring or turnaround and investors want an interim CEO in place until the company is stable and able to attract a permanent CEO. Compensation would be in cash and stock, weighted mostly towards stock.