Due Diligence Services

Thornhill Capital provides global financial and business due diligence services. Our services include:

Financial Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Our team will review specified areas of the business operations of the target company, including but not limited to:

Legal Due Diligence

Understanding the impact of a particular country’s law, and U.S. law, is important when performing due diligence. With the lack of transparency in many international companies, legal due diligence is an important component in the evaluation process. Our legal due diligence services, performed by experienced in-country attorneys, can help evaluate compliance with:

Government Due Diligence

Our team has extensive relationships with government officials. We can help verify claimed contacts, involvements and relationships with the government as well as suggest additional contacts that may be beneficial to the company.

Sample Reports

Here is a sample of the kind of due diligence report that Thornhill Capital will prepare: