Thornhill's consulting group is a transactional based consulting service focused on assisting you in attaining your business goals when negotiating in China. In China, what you see is not what you get and, in order to succeed, you need an experienced staff of professionals who will guide you through the process of attaining your goals. In China, it's less about the written contract than establishing an understanding between parties. Thornhill's extensive knowledge of the Chinese business environment will provide invaluable assistance in helping you structure, negotiate and implement a business strategy designed to attain your goals. We'll also assist in negotiating with government officials to obtain necessary licenses, tax treatments, and certificates that may be required.

Following consummation of the transaction, Thornhill's substantial in-country staff can assist in providing post-transaction support, oversight and updates. Being out of sight and out of mind in China is not optimal. Our staff can act as an extension of your company in China and help provide oversight and timely feedback.

Thornhill has its own staff of interpreters who can accurately provide you with the nuances of what's being said during your negotiations as well as culturally convey your intent to those you're negotiating with.

Whatever your business goals in China, we can assist you in being more effective within China. We assist in: